What to wear for your Boudoir Photography Experience

Bra, knickers and garter set

You could just have a lacy bra and knickers set which always looks sexy. Or you could dress it up with a matching garter belt and thigh high stockings to make a real impact.

Oversized shirt

An oversized shirt is a popular choice for boudoir outfits and it's perfect for those of us who are abit too shy or uncomfortable to start off with lingerie straight away.


A bodysuit is one of the most flattering outfits for all body types. It's also great at hiding those stretchmarks for women who are self conscious of them.

The White Sheet

The white sheet is so feminine and sexy .You show however much skin you would like to show and is so feminine and sexy all at the same time.


A negligee might not show off the curves as much but it's a great choice for women who want to hide their tummy.


A simple or lacy pair of knickers in a variety of colours are a must have for a boudoir photo shoot. Go for cheekies or g-strings for an even sexier look.

Non-lingerie options

A non-lingerie option is always a good choice for variety. It could be a pair of your partners pyjama bottoms, a little top with a pair of knickers, a leather jacket, a jumper worn off the shoulder. Your options are endless and these are always great for women who want to feel beautiful and sexy without wearing very little.

Our famous gown

This gown is the latest addition to our studio wardrobe collection. It's absolutely stunning and photographs amazingly! You can wear it with a nude coloured bodysuit underneath like Charlotte is in the image above, or you can wear it with a skimpy little pair of knickers and bra or no bra. The choice is up to you!