What To Wear For Your Personal Brand Photo Shoot

You decide to invest in a personal branding photoshoot but then start to stress because you have no idea what to wear.  Don’t worry, you’re like 99% of my clients.  This is the number one thing I get asked about all the time during the planning session with almost every client.

The thing is, your personal branding photo shoot is about showing who you are. Not the tracky dacks on the lounge you, but the you who you want your audience to see.

It’s also a good idea to keep your target audience in mind when deciding what to wear; they are who you’re trying to attract after all.

While every woman’s shape and style is different, there are some tips and tricks that apply to everyone.


1. No baggy clothing

Unfortunately all those baggy oversized outfits that are really comfortable to wear, don’t look so great in camera.  The camera tends to show us as wide as the outfits we are wearing.  That doesn’t mean you can’t bring that beautiful dress you love…. we may just have to clamp it at the back to give it a little shape. 

Another thing to avoid is clothes that are too tight and uncomfortable.  A lot of branding photos will have you sitting down so ensure the clothes you wear are comfortable when sitting.


2. No logos

You don’t want to be promoting someone else’s business so ensure your outfits don’t have any logos on them, unless of course they are your business logo.

3. Brand colours

If you have brand colours it’s great to include those colours in your outfit choices.  It helps to build your brand and make it recognisable to your audience.

To see this in action take a look at Denise Duffield Thomas.  You can pretty much guarantee Denise is wearing blue in 99% of her photos.


4. Layering outfits

An easy way to add variety to your photos is to have different layers.  It could be jackets, scarves, a blouse to go over a camisole or singlet top.

This is super helpful when shooting on location without anywhere to easily change outfits.

And don’t forget to change accessories as well.  

If you’re thinking of having your own personal branding photo shoot and would like some help with outfits, I’d be happy to have a chat and give you some guidance on what would look great on you in your photos.

Unsure what photos to take to start showing up in your business?  Get the guide for my top ten!