What does a Teen Model For A Day Photo Shoot Experience look like?

It starts with a phone call...

It all starts with a phone call. We chat about your daughter, your hopes and dreams for her and what you hope to achieve by having your daughter experience our Teen Model For A Day Photo Shoot.

It’s also a time that I can get to know you a little and we can decide if we are a good fit to work together to give your daughter an experience she will never forget.

If we decide that I am the photographer for you and your daughter, we will book you in for a style and planning session. 

Your style and planning session... 

This is a time when I get to know you and your daughter a little more and we start to design your daughter’s Teen Model For A Day Photo Shoot Experience.  

We’ll have a look through some photographs from previous photo shoots and explain more of how we can help your daughter start her journey from criticism and self-doubt to love and self-acceptance.

We ask your daughter to bring some of her favourite outfits so we can have a look at them and see what will photograph well. We’ll also have a look through our studio wardrobe collection and choose outfits your daughter would love to wear during her photo shoot.

I will offer my expertise on which outfits will work better and photograph well.

By the time you leave we will know exactly what your daughter will be wearing for her photo shoot.

It is also at this time that you will be shown our products and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Shoot day has arrived...

The day of your Teen Model For A Day Experience has arrived!

I’m sure your daughter is feeling excited and nervous all at the same time and maybe you are too.  That is completely normal but those nerves won’t last long for either of you.

On arrival you will be greeted at the door.  Your outfits will be taken from you and hung up on our clothing rack.  

Then the fun begins. 

You daughter will be directed to our makeup chair.

We offer professional hair and makeup styling for every client so your daughter can look and feel her best during her photo shoot.  

Knowing she looks her best will also help her feel more comfortable and confident in front of the camera. 

You are also welcome to ask my makeup artist anything you would like to know about teen makeup application.

Hair and makeup will be styled relevant to her age.

The photo shoot..

Upon finishing in the makeup chair we are on to the photo shoot.  This is the fun part.

I will have drawn up a shot list with each outfit, pose and backdrop we will be using.

I will direct and guide your daughter into age appropriate poses and help her with her expression for every shot I take of her.

I am patient and I will help her to feel comfortable in front of my camera, no matter what it takes.

During the photo shoot there will be a time when you will see your daughter’s confidence grow.  It’s amazing to watch! 

She will go from being the nervous and shy girl that walked into my studio to looking like she’s been in front of the camera hundreds of time before.  She will look like she’s a fashion model doing a photo shoot for the cover of a magazine.  

You will be so proud of her.

Your daughter will more than likely talk about the experience for a long time to come.

It truly is an amazing experience.

The portrait reveal appointment..

Approximately 7 days after your photo shoot, you will come back to our studio for your portrait reveal appointment.

Your photographs will be waiting for you to view and choose your favourites that you would like to purchase.

This is such an exciting time when you get to see your daughter’s beautiful photographs for the first time.  

We get so many different reactions to this.  Sometimes we see smiles, sometimes we see tears, sometimes we see amazement and sometimes we see pride!

We hear lots of oohs and ahhs and many gasps of wonderment.

We have tissues on hand because this can be quite emotional for both our teens and their parents.

You only purchase the photographs you love and can’t leave behind.

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