The Real Teen
"I help teen and tween girls who are struggling with their self image, to learn to accept who they are and to realise that they are good enough just the way they are right now.
I promise to show you a side of yourself that is not only beautiful but is YOU!
I want to show you that you don't need to change the way you look to be like everybody else. You just need to be YOU!
Come and discover the most beautiful version of YOU."

Are you worried how your daughter's self image issues will affect her long term?

Are you at a loss as to how you can help your daughter see that she is good enough just the way she is right now?

Are you concerned with the images that your daughter is posting of herself on social media?

Would you love for your daughter to accept who she is?
Would you love to boost her confidence and self esteem?
Would you love for her to feel proud of herself and how she looks?

The Ultimate "Real Teen"
photo shoot with Mandy Lee Photography
$160 (total value $350 ) includes

Style Consultation

We discuss everything from hair and makeup to outfits and how you would like to be photographed.

Studio Wardrobe

I will help to style your session and will offer suggestions on what will photograph well.  We do multiple looks throughout your photo shoot. We also have a selection of outfits that you are more than welcome to wear or add to your own outfits.

Professional Hair & Makeup

My makeup artist will style your hair and makeup to a style that suits you and is appropriate for your age.

Fully Guided Photo Shoot

I will pose and direct you through your entire photo shoot from the top of your head right down to your toes so you don’t need to know how to pose for the camera.

Portrait Reveal

You get to see your beautiful photographs for the very first time.  We have tissues on hand because sometimes this can be quite an emotional experience for both teens and her parents. 

A Confidence Boost

For your teen daughter to see herself the way those who love her see her,  is a beautiful experience.  It gives her a feeling of empowerment and self acceptance.

It's time!
Together we will show her in a world of 'not good enough'
that she is way more than she realises.

What my clients are saying

My daughters and I had the opportunity to be photographed by Mandy Lee Photography. It wasn’t what I expected. Seeing your beautiful daughters flawlessly in front of the camera, pride overflows. What an experience! The clothes, the family shots, how Mandy makes you feel? Beautiful! Pretty! Stunning! The viewing day... well let’s say we bought most of the photos.It was a beautiful experience with my girls and I highly recommend doing it.
Jenelle (Abbey's Mum)
Mandy Lee, your vision for capturing the essence of young people is beautiful and a gift! When we first viewed your pictures of Arabella, we were amazed! We know she is a pretty girl but you managed to capture her in a way that highlighted the beauty inside and out! I hope that more young people get to experience what Arabella did in your caring and artistic hands! ‘WOW'
Sonia (Arabella's Mum)
I love seeing how happy my daughter Brooke is after spending time with Mandy doing a photo shoot. Mandy has a way of making Brooke feel special and good about herself, not only through her brilliant photography, but also in her personal interaction. What Brooke has learned from Mandy about the different techniques for posing in front of the camera has been invaluable and has completely lifted Brooke’s confidence. We are so grateful for the work Mandy has done with Brooke.
Jane (Brooke's Mum)
Your daughter is so much more than she realises
and it's time for her to see it...

The cost to be involved in The Real Teen is $160
(Total value $350).

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Together we will help your daughter change the way she sees herself.

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Conditions apply.  A model release form is required to be signed prior to your photo shoot.  You may be required to provide a testimonial about your experience being photographed by Mandy Lee Photography. Before and after makeover photos will be taken.  Your portrait may be showcased at our events.