Teen Photography Experience...
A journey from self-doubt to self-love and acceptance.

Mandy - your photographer

This is so exciting!  You’re daughter is about to start her journey from self-doubt to self-love and acceptance!

I want to help her learn to love and accept the amazing young woman she is becoming.

I want to show her how beautiful and incredible she truly is.

Most of all I want to show her that she is perfect just the way she is right now!


Below is a testimonial from Liz.  She sent me this after her daughter’s photo shoot when they had come back and viewed her photos.

“Mandy, you are certainly a very special person – the gift that keeps on giving – not only beautiful photos that I can’t begin to explain what they have done for Taylah’s self esteem,  but you are so much more than just a fantastic photographer – you are certainly impacting lives.” – Liz


Our photo shoots are so much more than just taking pretty pictures.  The experience we offer is changing how our teen and tween girls see themselves and this is so important to our girls especially now with social media playing such a large part of their lives.

Together, we can see her beautiful smile and watch her confidence grow.


I will be in touch over the next couple of days to start your daughters journey of self-love and acceptance.  I look forward to meeting you both and welcoming your daughter to our Transformational Teen Photography Experience.

In the meantime, take a look at our before and after gallery here.

Take care,

Mandy x