Confidence boosting photoshoots for teenage girls!


Helping teenage girls go from criticism and self doubt to feeling empowered and confident by showing them a version of themselves they never thought possible.

Together we can show your daughter the beauty others already see in her.

Does this sound familiar?

It doesn’t matter how many times you tell your daughter she’s beautiful, she doesn’t believe you.

Your daughter compares herself to other girls she sees on social media and wishes she was more like them.

You would love for your daughter to see herself how you and others see her.

Helping teenage girls struggling with their self-image and low self-esteem


Don’t let low self-esteem and a lack of confidence prevent your daughter from reaching her full potential. She was made for so much more!


My passion is to take everyday teenage girls and give them an unforgettable magazine style photo shoot experience.

It’s about so much more than taking pretty pictures. My aim with every girl who walks in the door of my studio is for her to see the beauty others already see in her.

Watching your teenage daughter live with self-doubt is heart breaking!


We've helped many teenage girls boost their confidence and self-esteem, by allowing them to see a version of themselves they never knew was there.

Together we can show your daughter just how incredible she truly is.

What you want is for her to live a life she dreams of, full of love and self-worth.

By stepping out of her comfort zone, we’ll show your daughter that she can be sure of herself and her abilities when new and exciting things come her way; opening up her world to new life experiences and opportunities.

We’ll help develop your daughter’s sense of worth and personal value. After seeing how beautiful she truly is, she’ll start her journey of learning to love and accept the beautiful, unique young woman she is becoming.

Kind words from clients

"Mandy did a brilliant job of photographing my girls.
Between her and her stylist, and with the extensive wardrobe of awesome clothes she has, Mandy gave my girls the time of their lives."- (Mia and Sasha’s mum and friend of Billie)

How much does it cost?
$250 ($350 weekends)
What's included?

Personal Consultation

We take the time to give you all the information and we make sure you’re completely comfortable knowing there are no surprises as everything is discussed prior to booking your photo shoot.

Wardrobe Styling Appointment

Together we will choose the perfect wardrobe for your photography experience choosing outfits from our studio collection as well as some your daughter may already own.


Professional Hair & Makeup Styling

We ensure your daughter looks her absolute best and is overflowing with confidence before we even start photographing her.

Fully Guided Transformational Experience

We offer a relaxed, fully guided, 3 hour photography experience. I have been personally taught by a world-renowned women’s portrait photographer and I will guide your daughter through the entire process..

You only purchase the photographs you love and can’t leave behind. You receive both a print and the matching digital file for each image purchased.


We’ve teamed up with our trusted partner, Payright, and are happy to offer our clients interest free payment plans, so you can purchase all of the photographs you love. Collections start from $46/fortnight.