Are you looking for the beautiful, confident woman you remember from long ago?
Would you like to change the way you see yourself?
Would you like an escape from your everyday life?

I help women who are feeling frustrated with how they look. I help them feel beautiful and find their self-value again.

I help women see they are so much more than just a mum, a wife, a taxi driver, a chef, a caregiver. You are so much more than you realise.

I help women who are feeling less than.  Women who have gotten lost along the way. Women who don’t know where their femininity has gone.

I will help you find that woman you have hidden deep down inside of you, and I promise to be patient and help you feel comfortable in front of my camera while we find her.

“The experience was so special and I will now be able to look at these photos regularly as a reminder not to be so hard on myself, as my body really can look beautiful. Hubby is over the moon with the boudoir shots.” – Jen

“Mandy immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable in my own body. She transformed me from a mature aged, dowdy woman, who rarely wears makeup, into someone I barely recognised. It did wonderful things for my self esteem and I would highly recommend the experience to other ladies. I am extremely proud of my photos.” – Kathy

“Mandy said she could show a side of me I’ve never seen before and I’m very happy with the result. It’s not often you get to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. Having my hair and makeup done felt so glamorous. It was a real treat and I’m now on a journey of loving myself.” – Shakti

Are you feeling unattractive because you don't look like you did 10 or 20 years ago?
Do you feel insignificant because you're getting older and believe you have nothing to offer anyone anymore?
We help women find their value and re-connect with their beauty through the power of
our Real Women Photography Experience.

Fill out your contact details below. I'll give you a call to answer any questions you may have.

Feel empowered by doing something you never thought you could whilst having lots of laughs along the way.

You will look and feel incredible while you find your value and self-worth.


Our Real Women Photography Experience is so much more than beautiful photographs.

It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s about empowerment, confidence and it’s about learning to love yourself again.

It’s about taking some time out for yourself to remember what it feels like to be a woman.

It’s about feeling beautiful exactly the way you are. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful just the way she is right now.! As women, we get alot thrown our way. We put our families and those we love before our own wants and needs, but sometimes we just need to do something for ourselves.

Our Real Women Photography Experience can help women of all ages, re-connect with their beauty and confidence again.

I've heard all the objections for not wanting to be in photos...

I hate pictures of myself

I get told that people would rather go to the dentist than have their photo taken until they are photographed by me.  My job is to take photographs of you that will blow your mind.  Allow me to show you what I see when I look through my camera.

I need to lose weight

I’m good for 10 kilos just with posing.  I’ve been mentored by a world-renowned women’s portrait photographer and I will shape and move your body down to the last finger.  I know what beautiful looks like and I can show you yours.

Why would I want photographs of myself

Let your photographs be a constant reminder that you are confident, you are valuable and you are beautiful.  Know that your photographs will be treasured by your children and grand children in years to come.

I'm too old

You will never be as young as you are today! 

No matter your age, you deserve to feel beautiful, you deserve to be seen and every woman deserves to have photographs of herself that she loves.  

Just photograph the kids

Exist in photos for your children.  The day will come when photographs of you will be your children and grand children’s most treasured possession. They will look for photos of you.  What will they find?  

I can't afford to have professional photos taken

Mandy Lee Photography offers affordable interest free payment plans through PayRight.  Take your beautiful photographs home and spread your repayments out with zero interest.  For $22 a week you could experience the feeling of empowerment, confidence and being good enough and have beautiful photographs as a reminder when you need it.

Our Real Women
Photography Experience
$250 includes

Style Consultation

We take the time to give you all the information for our photography experience and we make sure you’re completely comfortable knowing there are no surprises as everything is discussed prior to booking your photo shoot.

Studio Wardrobe

Together we will choose the perfect outfits for your photography experience choosing outfits from our studio collection as well as your own.  We photograph you in multiple different outfits so you don’t have to settle on just one look.

Professional Makeover

We ensure you are looking and feeling your absolute best before we even start your photo shoot. Having your hair and makeup styled helps you feel confident, knowing you look amazing.

Fully Guided Transformational Experience

We offer a relaxed, fully guided, 3 hour photography experience.  I have been personally mentored by a world-renowned women’s portrait photographer and I will pose and guide you through the entire process.

In Person Portrait Viewing Appointment

One week after your photo shoot, you will be invited back to our studio for your portrait reveal.  You only purchase the photographs you love and can’t leave behind. 

An Ultimate Boost To Your Confidence

Our Real Women Photography Experience will help boost your confidence and self-esteem by showing you a version of yourself you thought wasn’t there.

Who is our Real Women Photography Experience for?

It’s for women who want to take some time out for themselves, women who want to re-connect with their femininity and beauty.

It’s for women just like you, who want to remember what it’s like to feel beautiful and forget their responsibilities just for a few hours and enjoy being pampered and made to feel special. When was the last time you did that? 

I know how to make you feel comfortable and look beautiful in front of my camera.
Come and discover the most beautiful version of YOU.

To boost your confidence and find your self-value, please complete the form below and I will be in touch within 24 hours

Mandy Lee

I'm a portrait photographer who empowers women and teen girls by giving them the opportunity
to see themselves as the strong, beautiful women they are.
For as long as I can remember I have struggled with how I look.
My butt was too big, my thighs were too flabby, my feet were too big; the list was endless.
Over time I have learned to quiet the critical, self doubt voice in my head and my passion is to help other women and teen girls do the same.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia