Personal Branding - Adele - Your Legacy Lawyer

Today, I want to share a story that encapsulates the magic that happens behind the lens – featuring the incredible Adele M Anthony from Your Legacy Lawyer.

Adele approached me with a common sentiment—I don’t like photos of myself!  Multiple times, she hinted at her potential dissatisfaction, which I’m sure was her way of preparing me for her not liking the photos I was about to take of her.  Even after her photoshoot (before she had seen her photos) she was still telling me she just doesn’t like photos of herself.  Little did Adele know that her photoshoot would be a game-changer.

When Adele saw her photos, the story took an unexpected turn. She didn’t just like them; she loved them. In fact, she ended up purchasing the entire collection because choosing her favourites became an impossible task. 

It’s moments like these that make my job truly rewarding—capturing the essence of women over 40 who initially shy away from the camera only to fall in love with their authentic selves.


Adele recognises the power of being the face behind Your Legacy Lawyer.

Understanding that building connections is pivotal for success, she actively engages with her audience. In the world of estate planning, where trust is paramount, Adele’s commitment to being the relatable and approachable face of her brand ensures that clients feel at ease entrusting such significant matters to Your Legacy Lawyer.

Now let’s do a quick dive into Adele’s world at Your Legacy Lawyer.

Adele’s brainchild was born from her bedroom at the peak of the global pandemic in 2020. Specialising in estate planning and uncontested family law, Adele’s passion for innovation and commitment to revolutionising the legal industry set her on a unique journey.

Your Legacy Lawyer isn’t your typical law firm. Adele envisioned a practice that goes beyond conventional boundaries, blending cutting-edge technology with trust and integrity. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of legal advancements ensures that clients receive the most comprehensive and forward-thinking services available today.

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