Personal Branding - Louise - Emmaus Health and Wellness

I’ve been a fan of Louise since 2020 during the covid lockdowns.  We were fortunate to have had the same business mentor and were able to connect online.  Being part of the same group, I was able to watch Louise grow and go through the many struggles of building a business, which as many of you know, hasn’t been an easy task the last couple of years.

Louise specialises in pain management including acute and chronic pain, restoring function post surgery and support through breast cancer.


When Louise reached out to me about a branding photo shoot for herself, I couldn’t have been happier.  I just knew the impact having photos of herself looking confident and professional would have on not only Louise’s business, but her personal life as well.

Filling out my shoot planner got Louise thinking outside the box and taking action on what message she wanted to share with her audience.  It helped her get a list of social media posts she wants to share with her online audience and put into action for the next 6-12 months.  

Louise also updated her website with photos of herself, so anyone interested in her services could get to see her looking professional, friendly and approachable.



Having our visual brand strategy session together, helped to ensure we got the best images to represent Louise and her business.  We were able to come up with a shot list perfect for Louise, that would help her to show up consistently on her social media, building credibility and familiarity with her audience.

I just knew after her photo shoot, I’d start seeing Louise showing up more online, looking like a go-to person in her industry, and that is exactly what she’s doing.

“Thanks to you gorgeous.  Best decision I ever made, has made me feel so professional and boosted my confidence exponentially.  Thank you so much, I’m so grateful xxx” – Louise

If you would like information on how a personal branding photo shoot could help you and your business take a look here.