Personal Branding - Daina - Evoke Physiotherapy

Don’t think you can look good in photos? Think again!  I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Daina looks confident and incredible in all of these photos.

It was a perfect day to create a collection of beautiful photos for Daina to use in her posts on all her social media platforms for the next 6 months, and to update her website so it reflects the value and service she offers her clients.

When Daina from Evoke Physiotherapy booked her personal branding photo shoot, she was quite nervous and had no idea what to expect.  After filling out the comprehensive shoot planner, I got a better understanding of both Daina and her business and I was able to create a shot list that would reflect the way Daina wanted her business and herself to be viewed by potential clients.  

Daina’s nerves started to diminish when we started in the studio with professional hair and makeup styling before heading to a luxury property to continue shooting with my full guidance on how to stand and what to do.  


Daina’s happy place is the beach where she loves to exercise, so we thought that was the perfect location to end an incredible day of creating the most amazing images for Daina and her business.

Changing the lives of women struggling with complex and painful conditions, Daina is passionate about helping women with pelvic floor physiotherapy and women’s health.

Daina, I absolutely love what we created together.  I’m excited to see the huge impact your images have on both you and your business.

“Mandy is an absolutely incredible photographer! I’ve always been camera-shy and avoided having my photo taken but she really helped me to feel at ease. She had excellent photo and outfit suggestions to suit my business requirements and I cannot recommended her highly enough.” – Daina


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