Personal Branding - Jen - Be The Confident You

I first met Jen about a year ago when she ran a 5 day video confidence challenge that I took part in.

That was stepping way outside of my comfort zone, much like my clients do when they stand in front of my camera.

The timing was finally right and a few weeks ago I got Jen in front of my camera for her personal branding photo shoot, and as you can see, to say Jen looks incredible is an understatement.

The thing that amazes me the most, is that Jen had previously been told by another photographer that she could never look good in photos!  Can you believe that….

Well Jen, you look stunning and you can now proudly and confidently show up more on your social media; giving your target audience the opportunity to get to know, like and trust you, whilst building deeper connections with those clients you really love working with.

“As a direct result of working with Mandy I now embrace colour instead of wearing black.   That’s so valuable to me because I can show more of my personality to my clients.  I had an amazing experience and can now feel confident when I look at and share my images online.” – Jen


If you would like information on how a personal branding photo shoot could impact you and your business take a look here.

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