Do I have to wear lingerie to do a boudoir photo shoot

If you’re like many women, you would love to have beautiful photos that show your femininity and beauty, but you’re unsure if you could ever wear lingerie in front of your photographer who you hardly know.  It that sounds like you, then I have some good news for you.  You don’t have to!

You can experience all the feelings that come with our Boudoir Photography Experience without having to strip down to your underwear or less.  

You can wear anything that makes you feel beautiful.  

It could be:

  • a pair of jeans with a little top
  • a jumper worn off the shoulder
  • a simple negligee
  • a bodysuit
  • your partner’s shirt
  • you could wrap yourself in a white sheet.
  • a figure hugging dress
  • or a dress that shows your legs off
  • our famous tulle gown

The options are endless.

Boudoir photography is all about self-love and helping you re-connect with your femininity and beauty.  So whatever makes you feel beautiful is perfect for you to wear!

Don’t be surprised though, if at the end of your photo shoot, you ask to do something a little more sexy.  This happens with a lot of my clients. 

At first they say no, but after seeing how comfortable they feel in front of my camera, they are feeling like they could wear a little less.  The choice is absolutely up to you.  

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