Because every teenage girl deserves to realise her own unique beauty.

Are you a mum watching your daughter struggle with self-doubt?

Are you worried she is missing out on experiencing life because of her self-image issues?

Do you feel helpless because you can’t protect your daughter from all the unfair and unnecessary criticism she experiences from social media and her peers? 

You see all that decreasing her self-esteem more and more every day.

You know your daughter is beautiful but you have no idea what you can do to help her see that in herself.

If your daughter can’t see herself as confident, strong and beautiful; how can she be like that?

Allow me to show her ….

You know that if you don’t find some way to help your daughter’s confidence, she’ll miss out on so much that life has to offer.  

What you want is for her to see and accept the beautiful young woman she is becoming.

What you’re looking for is a way to give your daughter a confidence boost and for her to experience feeling beautiful.

If you could find this you’d be so relieved your daughter is seeing herself differently. 


At Mandy Lee Photography, we help worried mothers go from watching their daughters struggle with self-doubt to seeing them shine with self-acceptance.

You’ll be so proud to see your daughter shine in front of the camera, and know you are helping her in the best possible way, to deal with her self-image issues, by showing her, her own unique beauty.

If only you could find a way…… you’d love for her to have the “model” experience of feeling and knowing she looks beautiful.

My letter to every teenage girl who has ever felt not good enough….

“Hi beautiful you,

I know life can seem hard and you’re constantly comparing yourself to other girls.
They seem to have it all. Everything you don’t think you have, or you don’t think you can be.
But what you don’t realise and what you’re comparing yourself to, is not their everyday reality.
You need to remember, what you see on social media is the “highlight reel”, the best parts, what they want you to see.
You are every bit as good as them!
You are strong, you are beautiful, you are confident and
you are so much more than enough just the way you are right now.
It’s time for you to find that girl you have hidden away inside of you.
The one that feels beautiful, feels confident and the girl who accepts herself for who she is, and always remembers one extremely important thing….
she is enough, just the way she is right now…
You are so much more than enough!” – Mandy xx

We send a short questionnaire to family, friends, teachers etc who have a strong relationship with your daughter. 

This questionnaire is so we can get some encouraging words about your daughter from those who love her the most.  

She will have no knowledge of this happening.

When she returns to view her photos, she will see a slide show with not only her beautiful photos, but special words from those who have a positive influence on her.

There is so much power in feeling beautiful!

Having your daughter’s hair and makeup styled will help give her the feeling of beautiful and then experiencing a “model” photo shoot accentuates that feeling.

Once she sees herself on the back of my camera, that feeling of beautiful will also include seeing herself as beautiful!

Imagine your daughter being able to wake up every morning to a reminder of how incredible she truly is.

Photographs that show the confident young woman she sees in her photos is the person she really is!

"Mums do this! You won’t regret it for your gorgeous daughter, all 3 of mine (including a step child) have had this experience
and the positivity hasn’t stopped. Most beautiful uplifting experience during such crazy times" - Jenelle (Abbey's Mum)

The 52 Confident Teens Project will take your daughter on a  journey from criticism and self-doubt to love and self-acceptance, through a photography experience that will change the way she sees herself.

We're looking for 52 girls between the ages of 13-18 to participate in this project. Fill out the application form below and if you are selected I will give you a call to answer any questions you may have.

You will receive a questionnaire to fill out and also to send to people in your daughter's life who want to give her encouraging words about the beautiful, young woman she is.

Book in for your daughter's style consultation. Choose outfits of her own, as well as some from our studio wardrobe collection.

Your daughter will get to see the back of my camera during her photo shoot to help her see how beautiful she truly is.

Your daughter will look and feel like a model on the cover of a fashion magazine, giving her the opportunity of experiencing feeling beautiful.

When your daughter comes back to view her photos, she will be surprised to not only see a slideshow of her beautiful photos, but also special, encouraging words from those who have a positive influence on her.

"Mandy has a way of making Brooke feel special and good about herself, not only through her brilliant photography,
but also in her personal interaction. What Brooke has learned from Mandy about the different techniques for posing in front of the camera
has been invaluable and has completely lifted Brooke’s confidence.“ - Jane (Brooke's Mum)

“Your daughter is so used to seeing her own features; she has no idea how beautiful she looks to other people.”

How much does it cost?
This is what you will receive


We take the time to give you all the information and we make sure you're completely comfortable knowing there are no surprises as everything is discussed prior to booking your photo shoot.


Together we will choose the perfect wardrobe for your daughter's photography experience choosing outfits from our studio wardrobe collection as well as some your daughter may already own.


My makeup artist will style your daughter's hair and apply age appropriate makeup. We ensure your daughter looks her absolute best and is feeling beautiful before we even start photographing her.


We offer a relaxed, fully guided, 3 hour photography experience. I will guide your daughter through the entire process from what to wear, how to stand and her expression.


You come back to our studio to view your daughter's beautiful photographs and special slideshow which includes the encouraging words from those she is closest to. You only buy the photographs you love and can't leave behind. We also offer affordable interest free payment plans through Payright.


Once all 52 Teens have been photographed, each of them, along with their family and friends, will be invited to our special gallery event showcasing all 52 girls who participated. This is to celebrate each and every one of them and it also reinforces how special and loved they are.

To apply, fill out the application form below and take your daughter from criticism and self-doubt to love and self-acceptance.

If you are selected I will give you a call to answer any questions you may have and to book your daughter in for her personal consultation and wardrobe styling appointment.

Please check your inbox and junk email folders for a confirmation email.


About Mandy Lee Photography

Mandy Lee Photography is a professional portrait photography studio on the Gold Coast, Queensland specialising in confidence boosting photo shoots for teens, tweens and women of all ages.

The 52 Teens Confidence Project is about so much more than taking pretty pictures.

It’s about our girls experiencing feeling beautiful.

It’s about the transformation that takes place from the moment they walk in the door of our studio to when
they walk back out that door at the end of their experience.

Winners photos may be used in our marketing and advertising.

Model release form must be signed prior to your photo shoot.

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