5 Things You Should Know Before Booking Your Teen Model For A Day Photo Shoot Experience!

by Mandy Lee

1. Our Teen Model For A Day Photo Shoot Experience is about so much more than taking pretty pictures.

It’s about the transformation that takes place from the moment your daughter walks in the door of our studio, to when she walks back out that door at the end of her photo shoot.

It’s about that look she has in her eye, that bounce in her step, the happiness on her face every time she looks at her photographs.

It’s about knowing she is good enough just the way she is right now!  It’s the gift of confidence!

2  Watching your teenage daughter live with self-doubt is heart breaking!  What you want is for her to live a life she dreams of, full of love and self worth.

By stepping out of her comfort zone, we can show your daughter that she can be sure of herself and her abilities when new and exciting things come her way, opening up her world to new life experiences and opportunities.

We will help develop your daughter’s sense of worth and personal value. After seeing herself how other people see her, she will start her journey of learning to love and accept the beautiful, unique young woman she is becoming.

3 Often times, mums tell me their teens are against doing a photo shoot because they really don’t like seeing themselves in photos! 

But what they don’t realise is, I am going to make them look incredible and show them the most beautiful photographs they have ever seen of themselves.

Imagine what it would be like for your daughter to see herself looking like she’s being featured in a fashion magazine!

4You will feel so proud watching your daughter shine in front of my camera.

This has led to tears in more than one occasion.  Seeing your daughter change in front of my camera, can be quite an emotional experience for you, as her loving and devoted mum.

You will see your daughter hold her head higher, she will start to stand and pose without me even telling her what to do. 

The transformation is amazing to watch!

5 Your daughter is so used to looking at herself, she doesn’t realise how beautiful she looks to anyone else. 

Can you imagine what it would be like for her to see herself through someone else’s eyes?

Every morning she could wake up, look at her photographs and be reminded of her own unique beauty. 

That is the magic of showing your daughter what I see when I look at her through my camera.

She will get to see what you see when you look at her.  She will see what other people see when they look at her.  She will see how beautiful she truly is.

I would love to talk with you and answer all your questions about our Teen Model For A Day Photo Shoot Experience.  

Click here to fill out our contact form or call or text me on 0403955795 and I will answer any questions you may have.