5 Awesome must have images for your online content

If you’re like so many of us who weren’t born in the selfie era, you may feel apprehensive about “putting yourself out there”, being the face of your business, and being more visible online.

But believe me when I say this; your audience really does want to get to know you! They want to hear your stories, and confidently know they’re choosing the right person for the product or service they’re looking for.

To help you out and get you started in showing up online, I’m giving you 5 of my favourite personal branding photos for showing up confidently and professionally online.

1. Profile image or headshot


This image doesn’t necessarily have to be your typical headshot. It can be a more relaxed photo of you.
It portrays you as the professional, friendly person you want your ideal client to connect with.

It’s great for using on your social profiles, business cards and can easily be cropped to be square if needed.
It should show confidence and connection with the camera.

Don’t worry if appearing confident in photos doesn’t come naturally. If you have a good photographer, they will be able to help you relax and ensure that confidence shines through in your photos.

2. Personality shot


This image shows your personality and is great for using in posts on your social platforms.

You could use it to talk about something that has made you smile today; maybe a testimonial you received or a great client you’ve been working with.

3. Lifestyle shot


These are the images showing up everywhere on social media. The photos that make us stop scrolling and make us want to be more like the person in the photo.

The main objective of these photos is to attract your target market to your lifestyle, make them want to be more like you, and interested in what you have to offer.  These photos don’t necessarily have to be an exact representation of your current lifestyle; they can be a lifestyle you are working towards.

4. Working with a client

This shot can be taken in your workplace (or even a space to look like a workplace) working on a client, at a coffee shop with a client and yourself looking at a laptop working, or it could be sitting around a table with a group of people as if having a group meeting.

5. The Device shot


Devices are such a huge part of so many people’s workday.  I think it’s perfect to include these types of images in your business.

You can include photos of you working on your laptop, talking on the phone, doing a zoom meeting with a client etc.  Anything that includes any sort of technology.

If you would like another 5 ideas for your branding images, grab our free Top Ten Personal Brand Images guide here.

Unsure what photos to take to start showing up in your business?  Get the guide for my top ten!