Welcome to The 40 Over 40 Experience.  I’m so excited for you to be here.

I’m photographing 40 women over the age of 40 and I’m so excited you’re going to be one of them.
 40 women…. all over the age of 40

Once all 40 women have been photographed, 
I will be holding a gallery style exhibition of the photographs
along with a celebration for all the women who were brave enough to put their hand up and say I’M HERE AND I’M NOT INVISIBLE.

An important part of The 40 Over 40 Experience is for you to be seen and heard. 
I‘d love to tell you more about this experience and I’d also love to hear all about you. 

Two important things you need to do now.  

1. I will be sending you a text over the next couple of days.  If you could reply with a good time to schedule a call then your spot will be saved.

2. Get excited because this experience is all about YOU!  When was the last time you had some time focusing on just you? 

You will thoroughly enjoy this experience with professional hair and makeup styling and expert guidance with how to stand,
and how to look; you do not need to know how to do any of this!  I will guide you through the entire experience.

I’m so looking forward to talking with you and telling you all about The 40 Over 40 Experience.  

Take care and we’ll chat soon,

Mandy x